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Empower Audio + Analysis

Raphael from Empower Audio sent me a really nice email which is quite cool of him, shared a service the readers here might enjoy, and asked for some feedback. It's good stuff, let's get started -

Hi Sebastian,

I hope you are doing well.

I just wanted to say thanks for your blog and your helpful attitude on HN. I've mostly lurked but there were several points you've made on HN that really helped tip me out of a downward spiral (just getting started doing something instead of trying to make a huge ordeal about it), and I've found your blog quite good as well.

I was struggling with discipline and read your comment on HN suggesting to someone to just get started doing some small little piece, like taking a 5 minute walk. I immediately decided to take a walk and start doing so every morning. For the last 3-4 months since then, that one little thing has made such a huge difference it's really quite remarkable. I go on my walk every morning and listen to either podcasts or audiobooks.

Why You Dwell On The Past And How To Stop

On Cameron Chardukian

Something many people struggle with is being unable to move on from the past. Most people understand dwelling on the past isn’t healthy, but still do. Why?

One stance you could take on this issue is that people hold onto their past because doing so is more comfortable for them than living in the present. Fair enough, if someone is replaying pleasant memories. But why then do people also dwell on mistakes and negative experiences? Surely doing so is less pleasant than experiencing their present.

Well, at least that’s what I believed initially. However, I’d challenge you to consider some alternative perspectives as well. One being that the 20/20 clarity the past brings has an addictive allure to it. The brain is not comfortable with uncertainty, so perhaps some people find dwelling on the past a guilty pleasure.

Another possible scenario you may entertain is people dwell on the past because it hasn’t provided them with clarity. You could certainly argue the reason many people are unable to move on is because they haven’t received closure for events that have happened to them in the past, and thus they find it difficult to let go of events they never understood in the first place.

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