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Close Those Tabs!

I got this from Kai, who is one of the more effective people I know.

I noticed over our interactions, he'd occasionally make a reference to "closing tabs."

The fifth or so time I heard it, my ears perked up. Hey, Kai, what do you mean...?

"I don't like having lots of tabs open on my browser. I try to close them all as quickly as I can."

Huh. I press for more details. He also almost always closes every tab by the end of the day.

Switching to Linux

On Tynan

I was eating in Chipotle, browsing Hacker News on my phone when I read some outdated article about how the NSA may or may not have backdoor access to some cryptographic function of Windows.

Considering that the NSA's interest in my computer is probably around zero, and that I don't even use windows cryptography, this backdoor probably wouldn't ever affect me. But the sentiment of it did, and it was just enough to push me over the edge.

I'm not new to Linux. In 1998 my friend Phil and I drove across town to a shabby computer store to by Slackware Linux on CD. He sideswiped a lady as we approached the parking lot, so I ran into the store to buy the CDs while he swapped insurance cards.

We ran Linux for the summer, or at least dual-booted it, but eventually practicality made way and Windows was installed again. Diablo II just wouldn't run in Linux.

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