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Want to Learn Japanese History? Start with Sengoku

Hi Sebastian

Happy new year!

I am hoping you would share your resources for your reading on Japanese history. Book titles and/or urls would be very helpful.


I got that a week ago, and I kind of sat there staring at the email. Japanese history is some of the most confusing to start to learn, because different elements of Japanese history and culture all play on and influence each other. I could run you through the military history of Japan from The Battle of Okehazama to Sekigahara to the Boshin War, from there into Dai Nippon Tekoku Era, from there into defeat and the Occupation under McArthur, and then we could do a little post-war history.

Making excuses for losing games

On The Ball Coach

My coed Futsal team wrapped up the winter session on Saturday with a 1-5 loss. We went the entire session without winning a game, 0-6-1 was our record. Not many people like to lose, and I consider myself a gracious loser, always respecting the opponent. Having said that, a win-less season is very difficult to accept.

The coed team I put together was a combination of my son's eight year old and my daughter's nine year old teams. Both teams finished in the top half of their divisions this fall. All of the players are pretty good for their age, some better than average. So I wouldn't claim we were out talented.

It was our first foray into indoor Futsal and none of the kids have had any experience with the heavier, low bounce ball, on the smaller, compact field. I think the fast pace of the game also surprised them and me.

It was seemed like every team in our division had played before. They were quicker to respond to the action. They dribbled less and passed more, some actually executed set plays. They shot on goal at every opportunity. More than once I overheard coaches say after the game, "See you at practice."

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