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An Open Letter to Simon and Schuester CEO Carolyn Reidy

Hi Carolyn,

Sit down before you read this.

We've got to talk.

Look. This is going to piss you off. This is going to look like I'm causing problems.

I'm not causing problems. I'm just pointing out where problems already exist.

Hello Again

On Thinking Out Loud

Life update...

This past weekend I was up in Edmonton taking pictures for the Edmonton Expo and boy was that a blast. I got so many great pictures of some pretty big names... Simon Helberg & Kunal nayyar (Howard and Raj from The Big Bang Theory), Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal), Grant Imahara (Mythbusters), Jim Beaver (Supernatural), and so many others! I've put some on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/breannakennedyphotography) For everyone to check out.

Anyways after that I got sick so I've been bed ridden all week. But I felt the need to write something.

I feel like I need an overlying subject to blog about and not kind of like an online journal... I don't know what to do yet, or what site to use to get a little bit more traffic. I'm thinking a photography blog would be super cool but I need to remember to keep it updated. If you have any suggestions let me know!

That's all for now I guess...

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