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P.T. Barnum's Art of Money Getting

Great short read. About 70 pages.

Barnum goes on about virtues of economy, focus, advertising, getting security for endorsing loans, avoiding speculation, and general virtues that will make a person successful in business.

I made a number of highlights. Just nice short points to think about, and takes about an hour in all to read.

It's free for Kindle -- I'd recommend it. The English is a bit older which can be tricky to work through at times, but it's worth it.

Structured Procrastination

Read this:


Then think for a moment on it. "When I'm putting off something I dread and procrastinating, what are those procrastination activities?"

If the answer is that they're productive and useful activities, then you can do very well. If they're destructive or useless, then rethink that.

Everyone procrastinates at least a bit. Getting smarter about your procrastination might change your life.

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