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Once-Off Action; Edge

The GiveGetWin Tour has been my first time renting a car. I've ridden in rental cars; just hadn't done it myself.

After some checking around, I learned that -- at least with Hertz -- you can get both a Hertz loyalty number as well as enter a frequent flyer number from any airline you use to get points.

And you get discounts if you're a member of certain organizations -- if you bank at USAA or carry an American Express card.

Yet, it's surprising to me that many people don't do this. Collectively at Hertz, you get a 6% discount for using an American Express card, probably around 2% cashback for using a rewards credit card, and then another 1 cent per dollar spent in airline miles, and another 1 cent per dollar in car rental awards.

That's 10%! That's a lot.

Hack Cheap Travel: OGG—>PUJ—>YVR—>PHX for $220USD

On William Hallman

"Give a man your points, he'll travel cheap for a day.

Teach a man to earn his own points, he'll travel cheap for a lifetime"

--Unknown Travel Guru

The picture above was taken in Lima, Peru from the runway of the Jorge Chavez International Airport.

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