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Great Comment - Some Challenges of Building a War Counsel

Rafael C. Santos left this really excellent comment on "Whose on Your War Counsel?" -

This is very interesting to me. I also like to have counselers around me, specially now I am building my start-up (as a lone founder) and I also have a diverse set of goals, ideas and interests. A big coincidence is that I would have pretty much the same counsels as you, even the martial arts counsel, as I am also a fighter. Anyway, a few thoughts though:

1) I cannot imagine having a person that wouldn’t be at least in 2 or 3 counsels, because most of my problems involves multiple subjects at the same time;

2) Sometimes you cannot discuss individually with a counseler, you need others involved, and it is very hard to engage different people in the same discussion, specially if a counseler doesn’t know the other, being this relevant when the discussion involves multiple areas. It is even harder as some people use phones, others use email and others just visiting them, in order to comunicate;

3) Sometimes I just need someone to chat about random thoughts and ideas, but most people I know tend to not talk much when I share with them. This happens because usually the idea is too broad and involve other areas that aren’t of their expertise, and then their insecurity blocks them, failing to share any thoughts or ideas that might give me insights, new ideas or an improved one. This is also a very high blocking wall when I am trying to keep these close people updated in my projects, usually they tend to lose interest.

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