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Stripping Down to Cause and Effect

One thing I've been striving to do - often unsuccessfully - is remove moral judgments from my observation of situations.

Most people don't distinguish between observing and judging.

They say, "It's bad that it's raining outside." Well. Maybe, yeah. But there's two things going on there - first, it's raining. That's either true or false. Then there's that "bad" - which is an opinion, a moral judgment on the situation.

I think most people aren't aware of when they're making moral judgments and when they're making observations. That's not good for being able to think clearly.

Analysis and observation needs to be separated from moral evaluation to do it straightforwardly, or else you get blind to effects you don't expect and don't want to see.

Internal Scorecard #8: Whilst Running In Tar


This is the eighth internal scorecard I've published. By writing these up, you get to see what productivity and production looks like on the inside, and I get to have an extra external accountability mechanism.

This one covers 7 July to 13 July.


That's the best way I can describe this week. It had a very sleepwalking-like quality to it, with not much good work happening and poor compliance with the new habits I set forth the week before.

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