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Which Martial Art to Study? -- More Feedback/Answers

Two days ago I posted, "Which martial art to study?" - a reader asked me which I'd recommend. I shared my experience, but also reached out to the crowd here since I know we've got some martial artists who stop by.

Some fantastic replies.

Julio wrote:

I would tend to agree with Sebastian, it depends more on the teacher and your connection with him or her than the actual art, though some arts will be easier than others to master (depending on your body type).

There are only a few things I would add. First, Systema is not only an amazing fighting art, but actually can teach you how to be calmer. There are no forms or formal meditation or exercises, but the way it is taught and its focus on introspection achieves a lot of the same things. I have many years of kung fu and meditation experience and can tell you that it can give you amazing access to these spaces in a very short amount of time.

Guest Post: Apply the Principles of Aikido to Client Management

Matt Aaron reached out to me and noted that most books that apply aikido principles to business are either for large corporations -- or aren't very good. With a background in aikido and client management, Matt brings us some more small-business-oriented insights.

“Stay in control and exude stability, even if you don’t feel too sure of yourself just yet.” - Stuart Wilde

Many business books and articles talk recommend the philosophy of Aikido: Use the force of the enemy against him.

The content of “Business Aikido” is either vague and not very good (like this one) or it focuses on big business.

It is not an easy concept to apply. After all, most people you will deal with are not exactly your enemies.

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