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Gossip -- Not A Particularly Good Use Of Time

What's gossip?

Gossip is where you're talking about other people for no productive reason.

What's not gossip?

1. Analyzing a situation2. Discussing how to help someone having a hard time3. Trying to figure out what happened recently4. Trying to decide if to bring someone closer in your life5. Working through challenges you're having with an important person in your life6. Genuinely positive updates about what people are doing7. Looking at how a person managed to achieve something worthwhile8. Otherwise important updates that are relevant to the listening party

There's perhaps a few other categories, but it's easy to go off the rails into discussing someone -- positively or negatively (but usually negatively) in a gossipy way.

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Letter To Future Me

On jstJSH

Dear Future Me,

I'm not sure when you'll read this, or even if you will. For all I know you could be far too busy to still be blogging, maybe you don't even like it to do it any more, it's impossible for me to say; present me that is.

I really hope you're doing well. I hope you're happy and successful and loved. I hope you managed to find that person that I'm dreaming about, and I hope he fills your life with purpose and joy. I hope you've learned from our mistakes. I hope you aren't still making messes of situations the way I am currently. I hope my best friend is still your best friend.

I hope you still have a full head of hair.

I hope you're stronger than me. It would destroy me if I knew that always turning the other cheek and telling myself the world's hurtful words build character amounts to nothing. I hope that when you say you couldn't give a fuck about what anyone else thinks of you, you actually believe it.

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