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Gossip -- Not A Particularly Good Use Of Time

What's gossip?

Gossip is where you're talking about other people for no productive reason.

What's not gossip?

1. Analyzing a situation2. Discussing how to help someone having a hard time3. Trying to figure out what happened recently4. Trying to decide if to bring someone closer in your life5. Working through challenges you're having with an important person in your life6. Genuinely positive updates about what people are doing7. Looking at how a person managed to achieve something worthwhile8. Otherwise important updates that are relevant to the listening party

There's perhaps a few other categories, but it's easy to go off the rails into discussing someone -- positively or negatively (but usually negatively) in a gossipy way.


A lot of people doing otherwise everything perfect get frustrated -- because they're doing too small of a volume of action.

If you're trying to build a new business, you might need to go talk to a lot of prospective new customers while you're getting your sales process down.

Yes, by all means, continue to refine and improve. But even if you're perfectly on the right track, doing not enough will make it seem like things aren't going well.

You can do that by working faster or by cutting unproductive activity and re-deploying that time into doing the right things.

But really, it's not a time issue. It's an expectations issue. Lots of things take a lot more work than seems like it should, especially early. But if you do it, you break through.

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