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Constantly Improve Your Environment

It's a rule I have. Every place I spend time should be better because I was there.

Everywhere. A table at Starbucks? I'll wipe it off with a napkin when I sit down, and pick up my mess when I leave.

Be friendly to staff everywhere. Tip great service well. Point out terrible service politely to a manager, because terrible service is bad for everyone (the server, manager, business, and customers are all worse off if terrible service is happening).

Lightly clean any room you go to.

Don't trash a room just because other people are going to clean it.

Get Rid of Grocery Shopping Once and For All, with Instacart

On DROdio

I just ordered Advil and yogurt for our office using Instacart, an incredibly awesome new service that delivers groceries to your door in under three hours.

Instacart has been in the news a lot lately, and is billing itself as 'Amazon for groceries with 3 hour delivery'.  The great thing is that it actually works.

I knew I was going to be sitting down with Instacart's CEO Apoorva Mehta, so I placed an Instacart order before-hand (something Apoorva says happens to him all the time, especially at VC pitches).  And viola, fifty minutes later Liz showed up with my Advil and yogurt order.  Watch the video above to see it in action.

Instacart is currently only live in San Francisco and the South Bay area but Apoorva hopes to expand into other markets in the coming year.

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