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Constantly Improve Your Environment

It's a rule I have. Every place I spend time should be better because I was there.

Everywhere. A table at Starbucks? I'll wipe it off with a napkin when I sit down, and pick up my mess when I leave.

Be friendly to staff everywhere. Tip great service well. Point out terrible service politely to a manager, because terrible service is bad for everyone (the server, manager, business, and customers are all worse off if terrible service is happening).

Lightly clean any room you go to.

Don't trash a room just because other people are going to clean it.

My Two Most Critical Habits

On Linus Rylander

1. Every morning, I write down 10 or more ideas. About anything.

In every study I have heard of that examined why creative people are creative, the only conclusion anyone has come to is: creative geniuses don’t have better ideas, they just have more ideas. Therefore they also have more statistical outliers. They have more really good ideas and they also have more really bad ones.

By writing down ideas every day, you train yourself to come up with more and more ideas. It’s like a muscle. If you don’t work it out every day, it will atrophy.

I got this from James Altucher and you should read these two posts on his blog. Been doing this since March 18th, which isn’t a long time ago, but I can already tell this is a spectacularly awesome thing to do every day.

2. Every night, last thing before bed, I open up a text file with two headings:

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