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Jason Shen on Being Quoted

Jason Shen and I have swapped a few emails, very smart and cool guy (and excellent photographer, too). Here's his feedback on "What’s reading yourself getting quoted like? Strange. Very strange." -

Liked the post on being quoted - and you'd better get used to it - it's going to keep happening to you. There are 3 ways that any work is interpreted - the way the artist intended, the way it is received by his/her audience, and the way history reflects upon it's impact. You only have control over the first.

I think that's dead on accurate, and a great way of putting it.

Getting quoted out of context or misquoted seems to bother people a lot more than normal forms of criticism... I've been thinking about this lately, and I reckon it's partially because we all want to be understood. The problem is, the more novel, new, interesting, and important your ideas are - then the less likely they are to be understood right away. And as Jason says, most of that's outside of your control.

Jason's site is here - http://www.jasonshen.com/ - I recommend it.

There Are Fifty Blogs on SETT Now!

On Tynan

Last Friday night, after two years of really hard work on SETT, we sent invite codes out to the four hundred people on the SETT waiting list, offering fifty spots. Whoever managed to snag a spot could either take a free basic account or buy a premium account and get 50% off for life.

The main point of releasing these spots is to start testing SETT on a wider scale, to get more feedback, and to begin work on some really cool blog to blog features. So if no one actually paid for an account, and everyone just took free ones to mess around with, I would have been satisfied. I figured maybe one or two people might pay, and maybe things would go really well and five people would pay.

As it turns out, thirteen people bought accounts, covering all three price points that we set. More than the actual money, which I've already used to upgrade the servers, I'm personally touched that people are excited enough about SETT to pay for it. I've worked so hard on this and continue to narrowly focus on making it the best blogging platform, that it's moving to have people who share the vision.

I'm also grateful for the people who set up free accounts and have already started using them. Many of the paid and unpaid SETT customers are members of this site who are active in the community section and comments, so I have high expectations for all of their blogs. As they get settled in, import their old blogs, and write new posts, I'll be linking to some of them here. Next Monday I will link to every new SETT blog that has at least one post on it.

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