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Day Five and Mid-Week Review

It's funny how even when the week got derailed on Day 2, just having goals means you can stay roughly on track.

Here was the night-before for Day 5:

Day 5 plan (done the next day, didn't do before sleep):

Once awake, focus on creative writing until it's complete.

Do some general clearup maintenance.

Beyond Productivity

On Tynan

A few months ago I wrote about the power of persistence. I think that it was one of my better posts, and I think that adopting the habit of persistence and working hard is one of the most important habits I've picked up.

Since January I have been tracking my productivity. Besides having a log of what I've done nearly every day since I started, it's made me be a lot more mindful about my productivity.

And as a result, I get a lot more done now. I can sit down with my laptop and bang out a batch of work without procrastinating.

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