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Day Five and Mid-Week Review

It's funny how even when the week got derailed on Day 2, just having goals means you can stay roughly on track.

Here was the night-before for Day 5:

Day 5 plan (done the next day, didn't do before sleep):

Once awake, focus on creative writing until it's complete.

Do some general clearup maintenance.

Early On a Sunday Morning

On Where Pianos Roam

I've mentioned off and on over the past year and in my last few shows that I've been working on a new album.  This has been a strangely temperamental experience thus far because while I know what it will sound like in my head, the execution is still somewhat uncertain and unformed. 

Last week, I posted a new weekly feature called "Piano Friday".  This week, I'll be starting another new weekly feature entitled "Notes for an Album".  This will be an on-going feature to share with the world how this process is looking.  The tricky part is to share as much as possible without sharing too much.  I live for a certain element of surprise when it comes to projects like these.  So, rest assured, I'll be focusing more on the process than on the actual material.  I'll save the latter for your ears to hear at the end of it all. 

So, I've pursued multiple private moments at my piano to build this new body of work.  Some songs have been performed at shows while others patiently wait for their unveiling.  I am super, massively excited for this new material.  It's a new beginning for me, of sorts.  Every song challenges me in a new direction in one way or another.  I will also pursue more of the sounds I hear in my head, however far-fetched and unseemly they may be.

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