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Responding to three good comments - on differentiation in business, and recharging from half-work

Has it only been a few months since we started? It feels like much longer, there's already a strong and vibrant and insightful group of people communicating here at SebastianMarshall.com - I'm really pleased and happy to have a good crew reading, commenting, emailing me, getting into good discussions and thinking.

A tricky thing for most people building a website is to nail down these questions - "Who is this website for? What do I want to do with this?"

It's easy for me. The site is for people like me who wish to do a lot of important things, to communicate, to think more clearly, to become prolific, to grow in strength and virtue. I create on the topics that are important to doing important things.

The people who this resonates with are always welcome to come visit and gain in strength and knowledge here, to build, to hopefully be inspired, to communicate, to do good things. The people who the site appeals to are its audience, and I won't be trying to persuade anyone to join us who these topics do not appeal to at the current stage in their life.

I've got a number of good comments I'd like to share. This was the second half of a comment from yesterday's post, me wondering about technology.

The Community Side of SETT

On Tynan

Last week I was having dinner with my friend Daniel Odio. He's a successful tech entrepreneur whose given me a bunch of good advice on SETT, and will be the first person who's not named Tynan to switch his blog to SETT. In other words, he's a dude who knows what's up.

He asked me how SETT was going, and I told him that everything was going great-- the site is functioning really well, the discussions following each blog post are far more substantial than before, I'm enjoying blogging more than ever, and people are embracing a bunch of the new features we've rolled out. The only thing I was hoping for, I told him, was for the community section to be more active.

"Hmm... what's that?"

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