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We're testing Chatty

Edan Maor from Chatty just kindly invited us into beta testing for Chatty.

Chatty is instant Facebook-like chat for any website. Site visitors can group-chat with each other in one large chat room, and it gives site visitors a dead-simple way of interacting with one another. Chatty’s design, features and entire essence is about encouraging site users to engage in conversation with one another. The web is chock-full of information but what we are really after as people is not information but other interesting people. Chatty takes users closer to that end.

We're testing it out on the site. You can log in using Facebook Connect and chat with other readers.

Via email, here was my initial concerns about Chatty -

My first few thoughts/concerns btw -

How to Listen to Feedback

On Tynan

It's been an interesting month so far. Two relevant things happened: first, I got some critical feedback that I needed to hear but sort of stung, and second, CruiseSheet has been doing extremely well.

For the longest time I've run my businesses as I thought they should be run. I'd hear people out and take advice on small things, but even when lots of smart people I love and respect said that I should do something big differently, I wouldn't. I'd listen and feel like I was considering it, but really I knew I wouldn't take the advice.

And then later I'd think to myself about how I had my own way and how great it was and how some day people will see that my way was right!

But that day never really came.

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