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Doubt and pessimism ok sometimes

I really love my readership. There's so many really cool, expansive, ass-kicking people here, and I'm glad you tune in and hang out. When someone comments or drops me a line, I'm thrilled.

Lately I've noticed something though - people seem to think I'm super-optimist.

Not the case at all.

Actually, I'd say my general mood comes out like this:

70% of the time: not thinking about it specifically or overall pessimistic 20% of the time: moderate optimism 10% of the time: feeling unstoppable

Haunted Dreams

On The Best of Sett

Ah, you there, my Type-A friend. I'm glad you came today. Come in. What would you like? We've got coffees, teas, or clear still water perhaps? No juices at the moment, I'm afraid, I'm not having carbohydrates and it'd be fiddling with the devil to buy juice and then attempt not to drink it. The coffee is good, though, yes?

One moment. I'd like to light the fireplace. Maybe it's technically Spring, but this "Spring" in West Germany is chilly and cold and damp and grey, right down into the bones. But pardon me, I'm near veering into complaint, which is the exact opposite of the place I want to go. I'd much rather pull up by the warm fire's glow with non-carbohydrate beverage-of-choice and muse a little about philosophy and psychology with you -- and maybe it'll even be productive for us?

Ah, the warmth is nice.

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