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Hello, dear reader - what's money to you?

Louis Savilli asks in the comments -

Interesting and timely topic for me personally. Here’s my question to those who already make $10,000, $100,000, or $1,000,000 per month:

What is money? What can you tell me about it and how you feel about it? How have your opinions and feelings on money changed over the years? Going further – have you always felt comfortable exchanging your services for money? For relatively large amounts of money?

Some of these questions are more about self-worth and your own opinion on the value you can provide. I’d love to hear some answers!

I like running a site that's unapologetically pro-wealth, pro-ambition, pro-building, pro-doing, pro-excellence... we wind up meeting getting into lots of good discussions and I've met lots of great people.

Managing Your Finances Like a Pro Gambler

On Tynan

Hey everyone... one of my favorite sites for personal finance is a site called "Get Rich Slowly". I just wrote an article for them, which was published today and also featured on Lifehacker. You can read the article here, and make sure to check out some of his other articles as well... lots of good stuff there.

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