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The Ugliest 8.2 Hours Per Night You'll See...

So, I record my time tracking by hand, and later I sum it up and divide it out by hand.

It takes me about an hour a week. I regularly get the suggestion that I should get it into a spreadsheet or an application to cut that time down.

No way.

By doing it by hand, relatively slowly, I'm forced to turn the implications over in my mind of the numbers.

For instance, I slept 8.2 hours on average over the last 13 days.

Offer accepted, reflections on job hunt

On Jedi/Rockstar/Ninja in Development

I've accepted an offer after more than two months of dedicated job hunting.

Summary stats

I submitted a large number of applications. Quite a few were still in progress when I accepted, but of the 27 that either went through the process or were ignored for long enough to consider dead, the results were


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