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I've been lagging behind in my blogging lately, and a lot of other things. I think it's because I've been too easy on myself.

I've noticed that my productivity and happiness are inversely correlated with the number of physical comforts I allow myself. It's ironic, but the more comforts I allow, the less happy I am in the long-run.

When I get in doldrums like this it always starts slowly. First I decide that it'll be okay to have fast food just this one time. Next I decide that I'll be just fine skipping my daily Spanish tapes just this once.

Eventually I've tumbled way off course and I find I spend my evenings watching TV and my work-days slacking.

I think at least for me the only way to live completely productively and happy is to never let up on myself. I am a powerful human being and I deserve to act like one.

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