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"Oh my God! You have short hair!"

I sighed. Yes, I have short hair.

I'd worn mid-length hair since I was 19 years old until getting a butchered-bad haircut in Vietnam. It was already pretty bad, so I said screw it - let's see how I look without hair.

But apparently friends new and old all expect to me to have that mid-length shaggy hair that I have in all my photos.

Little Things That Make A Significant Difference

Any environment you're very familiar with, periodically scan through what you do there and rethink it.

I replaced a small water bottle in the gym with a 1.5 liter bottle.

It used to be, I'd have to refill my water bottle multiple times during a workout.

Now, I can slam a big water beforehand, and get through the whole workout with just one.

It sounds small -- it is small -- but it radically changes the experience to one that's more conducive to flow, and it eliminates walking over to the water area (it's a bit of a distance) and sometimes getting stuck waiting by someone.

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