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"Oh my God! You have short hair!"

I sighed. Yes, I have short hair.

I'd worn mid-length hair since I was 19 years old until getting a butchered-bad haircut in Vietnam. It was already pretty bad, so I said screw it - let's see how I look without hair.

But apparently friends new and old all expect to me to have that mid-length shaggy hair that I have in all my photos.

5 Steps to the Ultimate Russian Tea

On Samovar

In most cases, brewing the perfect cup of tea is as simple as adding boiling water to a couple tablespoons of tea and steeping for 15-45 seconds. While Russian tea needs a little more finesse, we’ve distilled the process to the essentials and the result is a superb black tea recipe that will dramatically improve your tea brewing vocabulary.


The Process Russian tea combines zavarka, concentrated black tea, with kipyatok, hot water served (when possible!) from a samovar, a traditional Russian tea kettle.

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