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Thoughts On Staying On Top of Everything

Hello, Sebastian.

Just wanted to drop a quick line, thanking you for so many interesting posts. I also have a few (hopefully) brief questions for you.

When you have several things to work on, how do you choose between them? I typically go back and forth, thinking that this one or that one is what I actually want to do. The problem is that none of these projects are small. And constantly changing my mind means that nothing gets done.

When you have a wide variety of interests, how do you choose what to spend your time on? Like I said, I go back and forth a lot. I'm only now taking a piano class (my second) because I forced myself to. Making myself take first aid type courses this summer as well, but there are a LOT of things I want to do. Art, more music, more programming (I'm a software developer), writing, and so on.

How can you fit your interests into the day when you have work, trying to find someone to start a family with, trying to keep healthy, and taking time to relax? The only way I can see it is to try to combine as many as you can into each activity. For example, find a job that keeps you active, do a relaxing social activity, and such.

Say Yes or Roll Dice.

Originally posted by Colin Theriot.

"This post is only going to appeal to people that are RPG nerds and also marketing nerds. Fair warning.

The best advice I ever read about refereeing role playing games was very simply stated: Say yes or roll dice.Meaning that if a player is suggesting a course of action, there is no such answer as "no" - to be a true interactive and immersive game, you have to allow tries according to the rules. No railroading, or else you may as well just be playing video games.Now as a player, that means that it's up to you to work the game to give you the best dice rolling advantage you can get in any given situation. Use whatever skill score, situational modifier, item bonus, or whatever that you can apply to that dice roll.That is kind of the social contract of tabletop gaming, in a nutshell. Follow? If not, stop reading. If yes, continue.Now, when you are growing your business and marketing, a lot of times you will convince yourself that the situation is saying "no" - as if what you want to attempt is untenable.But in reality, the universe is a good game master. It never says "no". If it can't say yes, it will make you roll the dice. You have a chance of success, and a chance of failure, and the only way to find the result is to roll. But it doesn't have to be straight odds.Just like in RPGs, you can choose which way you are going to tackle the problem. You have certain options. You have certain skills. You have certain advantages.It's up to you to figure out how you're going to tackle your life an business roadblocks. And you WILL have to roll the dice sometimes. But if you use your head, play to your strengths, plan well, and you try hard, you will win more often than not.And sometimes, yes, the dice just won't roll your way. But getting to roll on your terms is a way better approach than just thinking "no is no".So, chances are, something in your life is seeming like a "no" when really what you're looking at is shitty odds. Play the game. Skew the odds as much as you can if you want what winning will get you.Say yes or roll dice.Because most of the time, losing the dice roll isn't even a fatal consequence. Take damage, roll to save, or worst case scenario: roll up a whole new character and play again.Nerdery over.

Now, no need for comments from people saying they don't get it. I warned you! Now for the people who DO get it... What do you think?"

Anything is possible. Sure the chances might not be high, but you can still roll the dice. Say yes more often.

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