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How To Normalize Your Sleep Schedule In One Day

Question from a reader:

"Sebastian, do you have any suggestions on getting back on a regular sleep schedule after traveling/strange hours without resorting to melatonin supplements?"

Yeah. It's remarkably simple, actually.

Say you went from New York to Tokyo, so now you're waking up around dinnertime in Tokyo naturally, wanting to be awake all night, and sleep at the crack of dawn. Here's what you do:

You wake up like normal at 6PM Tokyo time, and then you make preparations and plans to stay up all night and all of the next day, and you put yourself into places/situations where you physically couldn't sleep.

Manish - I am Full of Shit

On Tynan

I overslept on my earlier nap today. Ty calls and is like "are you sleeping, I'm coming over" I'm like "No, No, I'm always up", not feeling like taking a verbal berating in my fragile state. I think we both knew I was full of shit.

I thought I was done. I had no extra naps last night, and felt good throughout. But I slept right through the alarm this morning. I had turned down the volume on my computer to listen to some music and forgot to turn it back up before the nap. Also, I think I might be associating the wake up song with sleep now that I've had it waking me up 10+ times in 2 days. So now I have a presleep ritual:

1. Check volume
2. Check timer
3. Change the song.

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