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Newest Daily Time/Habit/Life Tracking

My newest tracking. Previously:

What Gets Measured, Gets Managed - why tracking is so effective

The Evolution of My Time/Habit/Life Tracking - how I started tracking, and some helpful guidelines on starting your tracking.

Here's my newest template, I'm bolding the changes:

------------------------------------------- START OF DAY ROUTINE: Time awake: Total sleep: Vitamin C and Fish oil: Stretching: Situps: Exercise (walk/run/other): Brush/floss: Listen to audio:Calories: Breathe: Borderlands: Calendar, anything interesting/time sensitive? What is my most key objective for the day? Planning:Gratitude: ------------------------------------------- REMEMBER: *Intelligent internet usage *Be decisive. Look at it once, make a decision, done. *Stop and reflect periodically*Make WAR on Procrastination ------------------------------------------- PEOPLE: Blog post: New People: Current people: Help someone: Consorting: Emails in box, start: Emails in box, finish (and - why they there?): ------------------------------------------- TIME TRACKING:

The Schematic View of Home

"Home" is a pretty simple concept for most people. If you grow up in one place, live there, settle there, all your friends and family are there, your possessions are there, and your life is there... that's your home. Pretty straightforward.

This starts to fail for travelers. If you spend 1/4th of the year in London and 3/4ths in Alabama, but you love London, your closest friends are there, etc... which is your home?

Trickier question. But the answer, still, is some mix of Alabama and/or London.

Now, what happens when your friends and family are spread across the world and you constantly move around, and you don't have home or hard ties anywhere? MUCH harder question to answer.

That was where I was a couple years ago. Strong connections to a half dozen cities, hard ties in none of them, and so on.

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