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AgileTask Feedback

Rob Lund dropped me a line recently about his cool app AgileTask.

Here's a screenshot -

So, I like the product overall. It works as advertised - it's super lightweight and you can start using it really quickly. There's humorous achievements you can unlock that keeps it light. I reckon this is useful and usable for people.

I like the product. It's fast. Very responsive. Elegant, intuitive interface.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

On Tynan

Instead of stumbling into bed I stumbled across this video clip of Project Hollywood, where I used to live. He points out my room (for those of you who don't know, I'm "Herbal") in the video so you can see where I used to live and where a lot of my adventures took place.

I get sentimental seeing pictures of the house, and even more so seeing the video. Despite all the drama, life was really good there and I feel so lucky to be in it. In case you can't tell, Style (Neil Strauss) is being interviewed, and he's the one who wrote The Game.

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