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Do Less, Think Longer, Do It Every Day, Stop Kicking Yourself

Question from a reader -- 

Off the bat I wanted to say you have a very useful website. Thank you for that. 

I want to change my life for the better, and I have put effort into it, and still am. My problem is I take on to much at once, and with all that clutter and confusion I feel I am back where I started. I could make a list of 1,000 things I want to learn, and 100 habits I want to have. But when it comes down to it, if its not an external change [Habits like flossing I've built] then I lose track. Confidence, better control of fear, productivity, knowing what I want, are all things that don't seem to build. 

I'm a bit off track. There's a lot I want to ask but I'll ask this. 

Being a huge hip-hop fan, what I love is being able to portray your mind, feelings, and topics onto a page with words, and too, words that rhyme. What advice do you have to help me with doing this? I know you're not a rapper, but when I do write, I look back at disgust or thing 'There's no way that came out right'.

Patriots 2014 Season Preview Part 3: Schedule Evaluation

On Boston Sports Daily

The NFL schedule format system has been the same since the league expanded to 32 teams in 2002 (Houston Texans). Each team will face the other 3 division members twice, one full AFC and NFC division once each, and the other 2 same-conference division winners once each. The full division matchups rotate every year, and in the Patriots, Dolphins, Jets, and Bills case, the 2014 season means a matchup against the AFC West and NFC North divisions. In the Patriots case specifically, since they won the AFC East last season, they’ll also have to play the division winners of the AFC North and South, giving each team the closest balance of difficulty possible.

The Division –

The Miami Dolphins took one game from the Patriots and were damn close to taking a second. In the later stages of the 2013 season, the Dolphins stole a game as they usually do in the warm weather of Miami, while they also led for much of the game in their October matchup. The Dolphins led 17-3 at the half before the Patriots offense stormed off to 24 unanswered points for a 27-17 win. The Dolphins return mostly the same roster with another year of experience, and could again steal a week one Florida game against the Patriots.

The New York Jets have always been a pesky rival for the Patriots, especially under the helm of Rex Ryan. In recent years after the departure of Darrelle Revis, the Jets defense has been feeble against the Patriots. However, with the younger players on the defense and the additions of Michael Vick, wide receiver Eric Decker and running back Chris Johnson, the offense could break free a little more often than when Mark Sanchez was running the show. Look for them to give the Patriots one close game this year, probably on the road.

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