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Days 57 to 70: On not giving way to emotions (an interesting two weeks)

Forgive me for the lack of updates on the 90 day run. The last two weeks have been interesting, to say the least.

Day 57, speaking at an event at Tsinghua University --

Awake: 11:30AM (4 hours)

5PM: (90 minutes cleaning/organizing/general-life, 240 practicing talk)

10;30PM: (120 transit, 60 speaking, 60 socializing, 90 practicing)

Two Wars Hence

Marcus Licinius Crassus was 62 years old. He was the richest man in Rome, decorated with honors, and a member of the secret ruling Triumvirate with Julius Caesar and Pompey Magnus. But it wasn't enough for him.

In renewing his political alliance with Caesar and Pompey, they dealt out assignments and power to the members of the Triumvirate. Crassus would go southeast to fight and conquer the Parthian Empire.

Crassus was the classical expansionist. But he made the fatal error; he did not take his next opponent seriously.

As he marched his legions to fight the Parthians, he was bragging that after Parthia he would keep going -- maybe all the way to India.

He was ill-prepared for the Parthian mounted horse archers, some of the most dangerous in the ancient world. Even then, Roman allied and Crassus's officers alike recommended plans that would have saved Crassus's force if he hadn't blundered forwards.

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