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Days 57 to 70: On not giving way to emotions (an interesting two weeks)

Forgive me for the lack of updates on the 90 day run. The last two weeks have been interesting, to say the least.

Day 57, speaking at an event at Tsinghua University --

Awake: 11:30AM (4 hours)

5PM: (90 minutes cleaning/organizing/general-life, 240 practicing talk)

10;30PM: (120 transit, 60 speaking, 60 socializing, 90 practicing)

More than iron

On minimalift

An expansion on The Zen of the Barbell by Leo Babauta.

“And no, I can’t agree that the CNS does not differentiate between bar/kettle/dumb-bell. The body, mind and spirit function as one unit at all times whether we ‘believe’ it or not. If, for example, my temperament leads me to dislike even the sight of a kettlebell but I lie awake at night joyously picturing a loaded barbell in my mind, do you really think my nervous system will respond identically, like a cold, dead machine, to both implements?” Dale Credico

More than a tool. More than an object. The bar is hopes and dreams. Late at night, when the iron is on my mind (ala Dave Draper) the lifts are replaying. Almost reflex, looping. Into the hips, up overhead, down to the floor. This is a meditation. The successes and the misses of the past are processed and assimilated. The study continues past being awake. Quick lifts made slow, so that I might be quicker next time. This, surely, is not living in the present. Yet, this is my meditation.

There are others, too, sharing similar traits and temperaments. With just the right amount of crazy, the gravity of barbell sport is irresistible. These souls gather in a manner similar to worship. Caring and respect for the bars and for one another. Rules, customs, tradition, heritage. To not lift is unthinkable. We stand under the bar with a human pride. Learn, encourage, laugh, fall, collude, strengthen, grow. Humanity at its finest, tempered by metal. It’s not a matter of survival. Or maybe it is. We need this.

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