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I’ve got a number of free and exciting things for you. At Ultraworking, we’re very happy with where we’re at in terms of product and methodology, and we’ve been rave reviews from our customers. We’re now going to be expanding rapidly by doing cool things for people who might be future customers of ours — i.e., you. Even if you never buy anything from us, we’re more than happy to bring people into our orbit, help them work better, and hopefully spread the word about what’s possible.

So, without further ado…

Training, Tools, and the Pursuit of Enlightenment — the Ultraworking Pursuit is launched. Every month, there will be new technology you can integrate easily into your life, and very high-value free trainings for you. Zero fluff, all “do this and your life improves right away” type stuff.

You can join at this link, and you’ll get cool stuff every month.

September’s training is Work Cycles — many of you are already familiar with Work Cycles. It’s a method for buzz-sawing through hard work quickly.

Internet 2012 Bus Tour: Day 0: Startup Weekend Iowa City

On Jumping on Entrepreneurship

I just finished facilitating Startup Weekend: Iowa City. This is the 5th Startup Weekend event I've facilitated, but probably the 14th or so I've been to.

I've mostly been to larger events - New York City, Seattle, Atlanta, DC - that draw 100+ people. But this was a smaller event, about 25 attendees. (This was actually my second "small" event, my first being a few weeks ago in Louisville, Kentucky.).

And I think I like the smaller events better.

On Friday night, I went through the usual facilitator song and dance. We had some great local speakers, we played Rock, Paper, War, and then we kicked off the pitches.

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