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Getting Your Next Project On Rails

Hi friends,

I get a lot of inbound requests for personal consulting which I've had to turn down the last couple years. My commercial projects often have me becoming effectively the right-hand man for a CEO of a growing company, and I haven't had the bandwidth to take on clients who don't need that level of intensity, or who are looking for something other than the type of commercial work I typically do.

One thing I wanted to start for 2016 is to start working with people at scale more.

Hence, I developed this new offering --

Productized Service: Get Your Next Project On Rails

How We Applied to Y Combinator

On Tynan

I mentioned last week that I had a deadline which I was working towards. I'm going to explain a bit more about this because a) it's consuming my life these days and b) I have the feeling this is going to be the beginning of something big. If it is something big, I think it might be interesting to hear it from the beginning.

What is Y Combinator?

Y Combinator is a "startup accelerator". Since that doesn't mean much, I'll explain how it works. You and your cofounder apply to Y Combinator. If they like you and your startup idea, they give you around $20k in exchange for a small piece of your company.

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