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Work Cycles Template With Automatic Energy/Morale Graphing

So, this is pretty cool.

At Ultraworking, we developed a "Work Cycles Generator" to automatically create fresh templates of our work cycles spreadsheets -- a little useful if you're doing Cycles solo, incredibly useful if you're doing Cycles with friends.

Well, Gordon Yoon was a participant on Ultraworking Pentathlon IV, and he started using Work Cycles for coding work at Google. He said, "I'm getting tons of mileage out of the Work Cycles on the daily! Using work cycles at work, for coding… it's been awesome. It's such a powerful tool."

Gordon then coded up automatic graphing into a new cycles template that displays how your energy and morale changes throughout a work session.

Gordon was very kind to share his template, and it's really cool and useful. If you click this link, you can get a copy of Gordon's energy/morale-graphing version of the spreadsheet. Instead of entering high/medium/low as before, you enter how you're feeling on both of those from 1-100, and on the second tab, you'll get a graph of how your energy and morale change over a work session.

Piano Friday: Philip Glass and The Hours

On Where Pianos Roam


I am a film score enthusiast.  This should be a natural tendency since I am a musician.  The perfect score, when expertly blended into a film, can really add to the fullness of it.  Whether it infuses movement and rhythm to the plot or enhances the emotions being conveyed, it can be a powerful and evocative tool.

Today, I wanted to highlight one of my all-time favorite film scores.  It hails from a gorgeous film entitled "The Hours".  Not only are there fantastic performances by the actors in this movie, it also has a potent story line that travels through three different time periods and stories.  In addition to some fantastic editing, the score plays a pivotal roll in blending these disparate eras together. 

The piano's versatility, in terms of its rhythmic and melodic powers, is fully utilized in every movement.  Philip Glass composed music that flowed and cascaded through each scene creating a seemless and cohesive presentation throughout.  I really love this music, and I often listen to it on long road trips.

Here is one of the pieces from the score.  By the way, if you like what you hear, the entire soundtrack is a magical gem.  Philip Glass' distinct piano style is at the height of it's powers here.  It would be well worth the price of purchase to have it. 

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