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Ultraworking Pentathlon III registration is open

Hello old friends,

It's my favorite month: March. I like the name of the month, the concept of the month, and I love that spring is here.

We've got a few big things at Ultraworking coming.

The first is that Pentathlon III is up --


A Statistical Analysis of NBA Teams

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Growing up in the area around Houston, TX, I developed a love of sports. Whether it be football or basketball (sorry, Astros), I love my sports teams to death. Side note, the Texans need to get their shit together.

As a self-acclaimed math nerd, I enjoy - well - math. With the Moneyball era and my love for Daryl Morey and Nate Silver, I asked why not try to make my own sports statistics analysis.

So, that's exactly what I did over the last year. I created my own model as a result of a school project. I was pleased with the overall result, though I don't know if it's gone through enough rigorous standards to be considered formal research.

There are also multiple flaws and areas of improvement that I will hopefully address in the future, but I would like to give a brief overview on my findings.

My whole philosophy is that basketball is a team sport. I felt as if too much importance is placed on an individual player in current mathematical basketball analysis. I was more interested in how a team plays together. This is tricky because teams are always changing and the same five players don't play with each other all the time. As a result, I used the six players with the most minutes to represent each team.

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