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Oh, there's plenty of time for the stuff that matters

In response to, "Things are on fire? Hmm. Well, then," one of the guys I work with emailed me and offered to take things off my plate for me and pick up the slack.

I really appreciated it. He's a fantastic dude. But I wanted to explain that no, it's cool, the stuff I'm cutting is what's worth cutting, and what's left I have plenty of time for. Here's my reply to him -


Graciously appreciated and you're welcome to contribute, but I consider this project the "fueling up the airplanes" and "recruiting a corps of engineers" time - it's where I want to be spending time.

I've blown off a lot of bullshit. The hot water is off in my building, I haven't showered for a couple days, and it's gross. Oh well, I'll cold shower in a moment (I just exercised). My email hasn't been answered. Little bullshit isn't getting done...

It Gets Around To Happening

I've been cleaning up my papers, and I just noticed something funny -- there were some goals I set around 21st February of this year. Around eight of the goals didn't happen in February or May, and I forgot about those particular goals explicitly when I hit the road again for Japan, Germany, England, Eastern Europe, and the USA.

It's always an interesting question whether it's better to keep focus on goals that aren't achievable at the moment due to circumstance. In this case, I opted against.

But now, I notice that all of those eight are either complete, or will finish this week.

*Two finished over three weeks in Japan.*Four finished in Germany and England.*Two will finish this week in the U.S.

It's interesting, because they weren't explicitly on my mind at all -- but it's a pattern I've noticed before, and many others have remarked on. Write down your goals and they're far more likely to happen.

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