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Lectures on Strategy #1: "Anticipating the Future" (Video)

We had a very nice time at Lecture #1, where we covered "Anticipating the Future" -- I looked to arm everyone with tools to make predictions and understand what the future can look like before it happens.

The next lecture will be this coming Sunday in Beijing, China. Please email me to RSVP.

Here's this week's lecture -

Bonaparte's Loneliness

From Napoleon the Man --

“In his poor little room at Auxonne, the seventeen-year-old lieutenant of artillery Bonaparte writes in his diary: ‘Always alone in the midst of men, I go back home that I may give myself up to my lonely dreams and to the waves of my melancholy. Whither will my thoughts tend tonight? Towards death....How far removed human beings are from nature! How base they are and contemptible!...Life has become a burden to me, because the men I live with and probably am doomed to live with in the future are as different from me as moonlight differs from sunshine.’”


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