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Lectures on Strategy #1: "Anticipating the Future" (Video)

We had a very nice time at Lecture #1, where we covered "Anticipating the Future" -- I looked to arm everyone with tools to make predictions and understand what the future can look like before it happens.

The next lecture will be this coming Sunday in Beijing, China. Please email me to RSVP.

Here's this week's lecture -

Kicking 2014 boo-tay

On Linus Rylander

So, first of all, you have GOT to read this post from John Carlton.

Let me tell you how I implemented his little exercise, with a little twist.

I imagined what my life would be like one year from now. January 21st, 2015. Where am I, what am I doing, what's going on in my life?

And AS future me, I wrote CURRENT me a letter... describing all the things in my (future) life that I am grateful for. In fact, the letter was a THANK YOU NOTE, thanking the "past" me for all the awesome things I did.

Try it, write for as long as you have to.

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