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A few days ago I posted "What Happens if You Have Open Hours to Talk to Your Site Visitors?" Over the holidays, I took open hours to have chats with any reader of the site who wanted to. But at the end I asked,

Final thought – everyone who signed on are pretty expansive and ambitious people with lots going on and lots of dreams, but I’d like to find a way to touch base with more people… I mean, I had 23 interesting and fascinating calls, but I’ve got 500+ people visting the site daily, and another 400+ people subscribed by RSS.

Who are you other people? There’s 900 of you… what are you doing? You – yes YOU – what are you doing? C’mon, c’mon, stop just being a consumer and come play and have adventures and talk and connect and communicate. Yes, YOU, I’m sure you’ve got some fascinating stuff going on, right? Or at least a fainter idea that more is possible?

Please feel very welcome to reach out, drop a line, and let me know how it’s going. I’ve got a variety of contact info all over the site.

I got a number of very cool emails in response to that. This one is from Miguel Hernandez from Grumo Media.

The Curse of Seeing Potential

A downside to being analytical, ambitious, driven, and learning about a lot --

You see problems where others do not.

Because, what is "potential" except a set of things that aren't right already?

Because of that, it's easy to get restless, not happy with the status quo, to feel like you're falling short of all you know it's possible.

The funny part, seeing that potential, seeing how things could be... it means you actually get to live a much more rich and full life. You just maybe don't appreciate it as much, because you see all the other things you could be doing better.

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