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Steps to Achievement: The Pitfalls, Costs, Requirements, and Timelines


I just posted a new article at Less Wrong - "Steps to Achievement: The Pitfalls, Costs, Requirements, and Timelines." This is a little bit longer and more dry than I write for my blog, but I think there's some very important things in here.

If you're interested in goals and achievement, there's quite a lot of meat here. I'm putting the full version up here and please feel very welcome to comment here on this topic, but also consider heading over to Less Wrong, grab a free account, and start participating there. As I described in "You Should Probably Study Rationality," it's a wonderful community.

Reply to: Humans Are Not Automatically Strategic

In "Humans Are Not Automatically Strategic," Anna Salamon outlined some ways that people could take action to be more successful and achieve goals, but do not:

Weekly Update January 20-26

On Stoic Running

This week hasn't gone as well as previous ones. This is due to going back to a few binge-eats. I am still running, and ran 26 miles this week so that is still going strong and looking ahead to February, I have decided I would like to do the daily running thing still. I plan to leave it at 1 mile still though at least through February.

The food and eating to soothe negative emotions is something I really need to work on. My first idea with starting with running, other than I enjoy running, and it'd be an easier goal to keep to myself is that it would make me want to eat healthier so that I could get better at running. This worked to some degree but not as well as I would've hoped. I am still struggling to control the urge to eat too much when I am stressed/lonely/bored, and it won a few times this past week and once or twice since January began.

My idea for February is to make a food-based goal of meals at a minimum to eat with the idea being that if I focus on eating these every single day, it takes some of my decision making out of the process and I won't have to constantly be asking myself what I should eat.

So, going along with this; my plan is to go back to something I did for a couple months in 2013 which is my breakfast every day is a smoothie and also my meal around 4 o'clock. Also, I will eat a salad every single day as one of my meals. This salad could be either lunch or dinner depending on the day and my schedule. The other meal will either be eating at a restaurant (After some running meetups), or something I make at home which will constantly be changing. A common meal I eat is a grain, green, and bean combo with hot sauce. I also like to make veggie chili and hearty soups.

So that's my goal starting February 1st: 2 smoothies and a salad every day for the month of February. Cheat meals/days will be after my running groups: Saturday afternoon, and then Tuesday/Thursday nights. Running will continue as well as the vegetarian diet (with fish maybe once a month).

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