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Some Memory Building Tips

Hi Sebastian, I'll be short.

I have identified that one of my main problems today is my memory, and so I'd like to work on it. Searching for advice on the internet give way too many answers, and I really don't know which ones to trust. Have you ever tried any exercices to improve your memory? Do you know any good blog posts about that topic?

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Spaced repetition is proven to work.

How to Get Serious and Make Actual Progress: Becoming Aware of In-About Ratio

On Ideas in the Making

I read a powerful article today for start-up entrepreneurs that basically said stop wasting your precious time and get down to work. Specifically though, the article mentioned that many start-up entrepreneurs spend countless hours and a crucial amount of their focus on attending a superfluous amount of meet-ups, networking opportunities, or doing things that are otherwise about entrepreneurship without actually doing entrepreneurship.

This is the in-about ratio; it’s the ratio that determines how much time you actually spend “in” creation and/or progress mode and how much time you spend doing things about what you want.

I first came about this expression when I started learning basic Japanese (On my way to getting back on track on learning Japanese in a big way soon). I started by cramming the basic alphabets and reading and introductory book while listening to a podcast. For a while I thought the podcast was amazing; I was learning basic concepts rather quickly and I was learning all these rules and simple vocab. After around 20-40 podcasts or so I noticed even though I knew more about the language, I wasn’t actually getting that much better for the amount of time I put in. I quickly changed strategies to Spaced repetition, cramming through books and practicing sentences daily with the goal of increasing the amount of time I was “in” Japanese  . This strategy had substantially more “in” and my improvement per hour invested rose significantly.

I’ve had similar experiences in everything I’ve done and I’m sure everyone else has to. With video games I would spend hours talking about the best strategies instead of spending time doing and iterating them. Before I started this blog I spent hours researching all sorts of nonsense and ended up knowing a lot about blogging, but hadn’t actually blogged. But by far the two fields where the in-about ratio is most prevalent, as well as the two fields in which having a high in-about ratio is crucial are health and business.

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