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Some Memory Building Tips

Hi Sebastian, I'll be short.

I have identified that one of my main problems today is my memory, and so I'd like to work on it. Searching for advice on the internet give way too many answers, and I really don't know which ones to trust. Have you ever tried any exercices to improve your memory? Do you know any good blog posts about that topic?

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Spaced repetition is proven to work.

Rapidly learning financial mathematics

On Jedi/Rockstar/Ninja in Development

I've been applying to a few quantitative trading firms. My interviews so far have been coding and math puzzles, but I'm told that tomorrow's will involve mathematical finance. I have absolutely no background in that. What to do in a few hours of studying?

In college, I always felt there was something off about sitting through long lectures and taking methodical notes that were never referred back to, at least more than once before the exam. My solution then was to use a spaced repetition system (SRS) to make all the pertinent facts sticks. I talk a lot about spaced repetition systems--and their shortcomings--on my other blog. In this case though, the main issue is that I don't have time to create material for SRS anyway.

My strategy has been a mix of the following:

Is this chaotic flurry of learning good over a longer term? Well, I don't have time to answer tonight! But I will say this: I've felt like I'm doing better on math challenges than coding/algorithm ones. I've studied and worked with programming much more in the last few years, but it doesn't seem to compare with the massive amounts of quick, targeted math problems I did in high school--probably 100-200 problems per week. Those were mostly more basic than math olympiad problems, and I'd say the reason I didn't do better than I did in math competition is that I didn't do much of the less satisfying work of reading solutions for hard problems just outside of my range.

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