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Some Memory Building Tips

Hi Sebastian, I'll be short.

I have identified that one of my main problems today is my memory, and so I'd like to work on it. Searching for advice on the internet give way too many answers, and I really don't know which ones to trust. Have you ever tried any exercices to improve your memory? Do you know any good blog posts about that topic?

Take care,


Spaced repetition is proven to work.

Fasting is good

I started outlining and writing a piece about the biochemistry behind it, but (1) it took me down a way deep rabbit hole, and (2) I'm not very clear that I don't understand the topic well enough to write about it.

That said, when doing a basic intermittent fasting protocol a la Leangains.com, it's been relatively easy to consistently march down towards lower bodyfat and greater health and wellness.

I ran a caloric deficit of between 500 and 1000 calories each day, eat all those calories spaced into a 4-6 hour window.

That was pretty good, and remains pretty good.

I've recently (six weeks ago) started experimenting with fasting 24+ hours, sometimes to the 60 to 70 hour range once a week.

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