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Chemicals and Electricity

I'm doing some work for an old friend of mine.

His situation is interesting. Not too long ago, he lost his job and got divorced, and otherwise his life got pretty screwed up and off-track.

He left the United States, took a job below his old skill level for a while, and then stopped that and started a company. Now he's living an exceptional life, and on the verge of making a lot of money.

I thought that was awesome, and I was quite happy for him. After we'd gotten done going through a lot of numbers, choosing some vendors, designing some systems, and otherwise figuring business out on the phone, we talked personal life. I said, "Man, I'm so happy for you. So much is going right. Congratulations."

He wasn't excited. He was a little worried.

One Man's Terrorist Is Another Man's Freedom Fighter

On Boredom At Its Worst

Recently, Nelson Mandela, one of the most highly regarded figures in the world, passed away. It may seem cruel, but I didn't feel that sad. But, I realized why. I really don't know anything about Nelson Mandela. Most of what I know about him is from the movie Invictus. In all seriousness though, I know he helped bring South Africa out from its apartheid government, but that's about it. I used to think he was a peace advocate, until I read this article on Medium. I realize that he is a controversial figure, so this blog post is my attempt to understand him and who he was. I have a problem with people who are regarded as divine. Call me pessimistic or cynical, but I do believe you can only truly respect someone once you are aware of their flaws and not only their accomplishments.

From very early in his life, Mandela attempted to gain rights for the black majority in South Africa. But he did not have success with peaceful protests. As a result of this failure, he co-founded a militant wing of the African National Congress called the Umkhonto we Sizwe. Mandela was fed up with the lack of progress being made with peaceful methods, and thus he turned to violent means to achieve quicker results.

In his "I am prepared to die" speech, he stated

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