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Yeah, I've Pretty Much Beaten Sugar

Let's start with some quick hitting, practical points for you, in case you're in a hurry -

1. I think sugar takes a while to quit for most people, and some preparation.

2. Start slowly learning foods you like and trying new healthy foods to find a mix you like. When you go to the store, try one new healthy food to see if it suits you each time.

3. You're going to need to replace all the sugary and junk food you eat. Quitting isn't enough - you need something else to take its place.

4. Consider tracking your energy levels throughout the day for a few weeks and what you eat. It takes a bit of effort, but it's massively worthwhile effort. You'll learn what you respond to and have a massively higher quality of life.

Some Memory Building Tips

Hi Sebastian, I'll be short.

I have identified that one of my main problems today is my memory, and so I'd like to work on it. Searching for advice on the internet give way too many answers, and I really don't know which ones to trust. Have you ever tried any exercices to improve your memory? Do you know any good blog posts about that topic?

Take care,


Spaced repetition is proven to work.

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