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Sun Tzu says - Make It Look Easy

Section 4.9: Don't get praised by the whole empire.

"It is not the height of excellence to fight and win, and have the whole Empire say, "Well done!" and praise you... what the ancient fighters called a thoughtful warrior is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease. Hence his victories bring him neither reputation for wisdom nor credit for courage."

-Sun Tzu, Art of War, Chapter IV: Tactical Dispositions

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Where is wildness?

On Mike Dariano

It is in vain to dream of a wildness distant from ourselves. There is none such. - Thoreau, August 1856

If you bring wild you will find wildness.

If you bring hope you will find hope.

If you bring cupcakes you will find cupcakes.

If you bring love you will find love.

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