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Lights Spreadsheet: Week Five


Lights Spreadsheet, Week 5

So, I keep this Lights Spreadsheet to keep track of the actions I most want to be doing each day.

It works as a control — it gets me to do more of these actions.

It also works as a warning sign — if I see I’ve had mediocre sleep or no exercise for 4 days in a row, it prompts me to fix that before things start getting out of hand.

The Tipping Point of Physical Fitness

On Runner's Ravings

In my experience, there are two thresholds that someone looking to become fit needs to pass under:

First, you need to get started. Simple, yes, but it’s often the hardest part. Any barriers you have to working out, like driving to the local gym, increases the likelihood that you’ll sit on the couch and watch reruns of Lost and eat junk food instead. Us runners have a natural advantage over gym-rats in that we’re able to tie our shoes and run out the door. Even in subzero temperatures you can reduce your time freezing by running to the nearest warm treadmill. By the time you get there your body temperature will have comfortably insulated you from the cold and your body will be ready for action.

Some suggest setting up your gym at home, if you can afford the proper equipment. This breaks down all the barriers and gives you no excuses for reneging on the daily workout. That being said:

Second, you need to fit it into your daily routine and find ways to obligate yourself to stick to it. Some ideas:

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