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Internal Scorecard #18: Habit Disruption Due to Travel


INTERNAL SCORECARD #18: Habit Disruption Due to Travel

I write up these "Internal Scorecards" to look at production, productivity, habits. This particular edition will cover a broad mix of topics, from 6 October to 23 October.

We're traveling in this edition, so you can see how habits hold up when on the road.


I flew to Bangkok via Singapore on October 14th for the DCBKK conference on October 18th. I stayed in Singapore one day en route, and will leave Bangkok on October 24th.

Switching to a dumbphone

On Shane Dowling's Blog

I am aware, that while there is a trend towards smart-phones there are quite a few articles around on the subject of people swapping back to a dumb-phone or even using your smartphone as a dumphone. Apparently it can help your marriage... I'm not that naive. Frankly, my reasons for swapping away from my smartphone is pretty pragmatic, it was simply a persistent call to mindless action. That I carried around in my pocket. Everywhere.

I found myself in a constant state of half-living, meaning half of my mind is on the present moment and the other half on a device. I've flipped to it when I'm communicating with people, commuting or even watching TV. Apparently TV is no longer enough of a distraction for this half-living brain I seem to have developed.

Sure I could just not use those features, like the Gizmodo article I linked to. I tried this, and cut pretty much everything but the useful stuff out of my phone, it boiled down to maps, public transport apps, RunKeeper and Whatsapp. However, I still constantly found myself in a tug of war where I would uninstall, then re-install browsers for an information fix. Just because it was easy and I could. It got to the point where I discovered a really small(100KB or so) browser so I could get my internet fix even faster. I realised my phone wasn't giving me enough benefit for the mental costs. Maybe I'm particularly weak, I'm sure others can happily keep their smart-phones at a healthy distance, but I accepted that I simply couldn't.

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