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Get your gasoline boots on - we're going for a walk

You new here? 28,000 came by yesterday and today to read “We don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 per day.”

28,000. God that's a big number. What a headtrip.

So, the regulars here know what's going, but if you're new... then cool, welcome. Here, let's fix you a strong coffee and I'll show you around.

An Unapologetically Pro-Victory Place to Hang

I think the majority of the world is basically hostile to ambition and wealth and achievement.

My Wowcher Holidays!

On The Rough Polar Bear

I am a bargain hunter! And somewhat obsessed with holidays! I also have a very minimal budget due to debt from previous holidays (and other things like student living, clothes shopping, and additional irresponsible spending!), and a boyfriend who has required us to visit South Africa twice and Australia once! Not that I’m complaining about these luxury holidays, but they do seem to adversely affect the financial and annual leave freedom that remains to book additional holidays!

So, I live for Wowcher, Travelzoo, Broadway Travel, and any other discount travel company you could name! There is always a risk with discount packages that you’ll not get a hotel anywhere near the tourist attractions, or that your flight will be with an exceedingly dodgy airline, or that there’ll be loads of hidden costs that you hadn’t anticipated which will add a fortune to what was supposed to be a bargain holiday! Don’t be put off though! As long as you know what to look out for, believe me, you can grab real bargain holidays and get a lot more sightseeing around Europe and farther afield than you’d otherwise be able to afford. What’s stopping you?

I’ve been to Amsterdam, Rome, Turkey, Munich, Mallorca, Devon, and a spa weekend in Cheshire, all through discount sites with featured special offers, and I’m now planning to book a bargain I’ve seen to Prague for 2 nights for £99! Having just spent a weekend in Centre Parcs in the UK for double that per person, it’d be rude not to hop abroad for half the price wouldn’t it? My Prague trip will include for £99 2 night’s stay in a central hotel, and flights. Before booking any of these deals, especially the ones abroad, I always work through the following criteria to double check that the holiday won’t actually end up being the opposite of a bargain!

In my experience, as long as you check the small print and don’t get carried away, I think buying holiday packages from discount sites with special offers is an absolutely incomparable way of being able to see more of the world. Yes, they are often only for 2 or 3 nights, but if you’re on a budget like I am, after 3 nights you’ve spent enough anyway and if you were there for longer you’d get a bit miserable at how expensive the trip was getting.

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