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Get your gasoline boots on - we're going for a walk

You new here? 28,000 came by yesterday and today to read “We don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 per day.”

28,000. God that's a big number. What a headtrip.

So, the regulars here know what's going, but if you're new... then cool, welcome. Here, let's fix you a strong coffee and I'll show you around.

An Unapologetically Pro-Victory Place to Hang

I think the majority of the world is basically hostile to ambition and wealth and achievement.

The Time Management Decalogue

Andrei Monenciu is the community manager at a company called Paymo, and they make a neat tool that does time-tracking. I've consistently tracked time by hand and found a lot of advantages to doing that (and no compelling software that made me want to switch), but I like Paymo a lot. Their Desktop App that syncs with online is great for breaking down where time is going, and their native iPhone app is good for figuring out how much time is spent eating, walking, going to the gym, etc.

He gives ten points here to muse over, that he calls "the time management decalogue" --

The Time Management Decalogue

1. Know your enemy - what’s stopping you from being efficient? We all know that before starting a fight, you need to pinpoint what’s keeping you from being efficient. You need to know what’s eating up your time. In order to do that, you need to track it, either using a time tracker or some other way of recording how your day goes.

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