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Let's see if this accountability thing works

A reader, Noah, wrote me this -


I want to conduct an Experiment on personal productivity. I believe that if I had to show/tell people what I did each day I'd be more productive. Would you mind me sending you an e-mail with the same subject line everyday (You could automatically filter it to spam if you wanted). You don't have to read or respond, but I think knowing that you COULD read them would be hugely motivating. Again, this is just an experiment so I don't know how well it will work.

Let me know your thoughts!

All the Best, Noah

How Unsurprising -- Breakthrough Follows Grinding

Well, I'd like to be surprised, but I can't at this point.

About three weeks ago, I (somewhat extremely) committed to writing every single day again.

My immediate visceral reaction was that this was poorly timed and terrifying. I was in the midst of the GiveGetWin 2014 Tour that's only now just wrapping up, doing more driving in 5 weeks than I did in the previous 5 years.

(Maybe more driving miles than the whole rest of my life combined, actually.)

Meanwhile, writing wasn't flowing. Thoughts weren't coming onto paper well. I felt like the quality was poor, and I'd added a huge chore to my schedule.

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