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Don't underestimate biochemistry!

If you know a guy who is a really decent, nice guy, but is a real jerk when he's drunk... and you come across him at some annual party, and he's drunk, and being a jerk... then what do you think about him?

Do you think, "He's a really jerk"?

No, of course not.

You think, "Ah, it's just the liquor."

We all know that alcohol and intoxicants change your biochemistry, how you act, and your personality. And we cut people a bit of slack for acting differently than normal on those sorts of things.

Color Selecting for Walls in Different Rooms

On Love Sweet Home Decor

Wall color selecting is one of the most important elements for us to take into considerations when decorating our home. Wall has big influence on the function and beauty of the whole house. Apart from that, it will also affect our mood. So let’s select the right color for the right rooms in our house.

First, let’s select the living room colors. We will watch TV and rest as well as treat friends in this room. Apart from bedroom, it is the room that we stay most time in. So the living room should appear bright, relaxing and warm. That means we can choose some colors which can make our room bright, relaxing and warm.

After a tired working day, we need good sleep. Remember to choose colors which can reenergize you and provides you peaceful sleep in your dream bedrooms. Some neutral colors, green, brown are all good choice.

Kitchen is the place for us cooking our meals. We can choose some colors to provide us positive energy and helps you keep our mood bright. White and green are most suitable for kitchen.

We have our meals with family members in dining room. Dining room wall color should also be bright. Yellow and orange are considered colors which increase our appetite .But, instead of painting the whole area yellow or orange, you can use them in different shades to avoid giving it a monotonous look.

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