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I'm doing some work for an old friend of mine.

His situation is interesting. Not too long ago, he lost his job and got divorced, and otherwise his life got pretty screwed up and off-track.

He left the United States, took a job below his old skill level for a while, and then stopped that and started a company. Now he's living an exceptional life, and on the verge of making a lot of money.

I thought that was awesome, and I was quite happy for him. After we'd gotten done going through a lot of numbers, choosing some vendors, designing some systems, and otherwise figuring business out on the phone, we talked personal life. I said, "Man, I'm so happy for you. So much is going right. Congratulations."

He wasn't excited. He was a little worried.

Change Labs Mission 6 Thoughts

On Mindful Change

Our "mission for this week: be mindful of your ideals, of your desire to control life, of how uncontrollable life actually is. And journal about it, and how it relates to your fears, procrastination & problems"

How does this relate to my paper pile? Why do I hate to file? Because I want the "perfect" system, done right the first time? I know that once I let myself use post its as file labels it didn't seem so bad. I could always change it. It's temporary and temporary things don't need to be perfect.

How does it relate to weight loss? I want to be at my "ideal" weight. Really! But I have health challenges that prevent me from doing more than I am currently doing with exercise. As I've shared in previous posts, my diet's great. The health challenges are my biggest source of stress. Other than that, my life is fantastic. But I do feel bad about myself when I think about my current weight, even though I'm doing the best I can.

If I had a friend with my health problems and who exercised daily and ate well like I do I'd tell her how proud I was of her perseverance sticking with healthy habits and I'd encourage her to celebrate the health that she does enjoy. Keep at those healthy behaviors. Add exercise intensity and duration as health allows. Cut yourself slack when it doesn't. You're doing the best you possibly can! Be kind to yourself. You deserve it. And I'd give her a big hug and offer to pray with her.

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