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Negotiating in Vietnam is a strange, strange thing


First off, quick refresher - what is negotiation?

Good negotiation is about discovering things you value a low amount that the other party values a high amount, finding things they value a low amount that you value highly, and exchanging. I wrote about this in "How to Avoid Exchange-Based Relationships" -

A lot of people don’t understand good negotiating. They think it’s about getting the best price – no, no, no. Good negotiation is about figuring out what you can offer that’s worth more to the other person than you, and what they can offer that’s worth more to you than them.


it’s okay to have pure exchanges sometimes, like if you’re just buying something once. But if you can transcend that, move it beyond the exchange and into looking out for each other, that can be a beautiful thing.

what are blogs for if not venting about minor annoyances

On secret sea krait

So I got a taxi home from my mother's house this afternoon, which is not far at all, it's about four streets away, but I cannot walk those four streets because a) they go down very steep hills and b) I was carrying a heavy laptop, both of which are problems because c) my legs are fucked. And I can't drive, for reasons including but not limited to the fact that if I, say, put my foot down on the gas pedal and my hip subluxes, that's kinda dangerous.

Anyway, I gave the driver the address, and he made a kind of hmph noise and set off, and then in a heavily sarcastic voice said "Oh, that's a really long journey, that."

Me: *noncommittal noise*

Taxi driver: I came all the way from (nearby town) to pick you up, you know?

Me: Really? Wow, it's almost like you're in some sort of weird fucking profession where people call you up and pay you to drive them to places and not to make snarky fucking comments, and since you ask I can't fucking walk very well, because did you know! Disabled people are a thing that exists! CALL THE FUCKING NEWSPAPERS WHAT IS THIS ASTOUNDING REVELATION.

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