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Noah Gibbs: Youtube Smart


A guest post from the always-smart Noah Gibbs.

"Youtube Smart"

Any form of communication when transmitted or recorded, cuts out important parts of the experience. Audio, video, Skype, SMS...

This has always been true. We say "book smart" to describe the specific ways in books impoverish the learning experience - "book smart" opposes "street smart" because of the things you learn on the street but never from books.

As we learn more of these modern communications, we will discover how they impoverish our learning experiences, each in their separate ways.

Take Some Time to Plan Things

On No Status Quo

Last week I wrote a post about the dangers of analysis paralysis.

To quickly sum it up, if you get stuck in the planning stage and never take action, you're not going to get anywhere. Instead you should just take the next step in the right direction, and you will already be closer to your goal. You don't need to know the entire roadmap before you can start driving.

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