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"Maintenance is about maintaining quality, and that is something to take pride in"

Great comment in reply to "Clean a Clean Toilet" by Jason -

Great post, and great quote. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about maintenance. In the past I’ve seen it as boring and something to be ignored. But that’s really not the way to look at it. Maintenance is about maintaining quality, and that is something to take pride in.

Fantastic insight there, wow, that’s really a great way of putting it. I used to dislike maintenance as well, and gradually I just started doing it because I came to think it’s necessary to do what I want to achieve. But I can see how it’d be even a higher level up from that to see it as a very worthwhile thing to take pride in.

"Maintenance is about maintaining quality, and that is something to take pride in." - brilliant insight.

What contributes to lasting renown?

In response to yesterday's "Tokugawa’s Generals, and Being a Great Follower," I wrote that greatness is something you define for yourself. I asked, what's your definition of greatness, then? We can think about it. The reader clarified -

I wrote down a list of great men and realized what I meant by greatness. Glory, recognition by other human beings. From conquerors, to musical virtuosos, the great men are those that are supported by the wave of existing people. Great men are those who did something that is today recognized as valuable. Great men are those that are known by "everyone". That is how I think fame should be seen. That is how I am seeing it as of now.

Something that jumps to the eyes is that it requires other people. If you are great then at least someone must be not great. I guess being successful in life is different from being great. If living a successful life is minimally having 2 kids with more opportunities than you had and a strong family then once achieved, your are successful. Greatness I think could be seen as recognized success. Perhaps self-recognized success can make you see yourself as great...

If everyone is successful and recognize that their success and others are great, then everyone is great, hence no one is great. (or otherwise said, to my belief, the word "great" loses value as "awe-some" did) Well that is how I see it. Everyone is successful in something, not all are The Great. Where were the risk-taking warriors? As I now understand, they were fearful. Then again I suppose they had to stop someday throne or no throne. Having acquired the belief that to rebel is a bad ROI.

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