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Paper As A Luxury Good?

It was surprisingly difficult to find a decent, high-quality notebook here in the heart of Taipei. I went to almost a dozen stores before finding one.

I was thinking, "What is this, is paper a luxury good here in Taiwan?"

And then it occurs to me -- maybe paper will be a luxury good in a few years. Probably tablet computers and other computing surfaces will be good enough at that point so that the loss isn't strongly felt... but it's not hard to envision a world where a standard paper notebook costs between $5 and $7, and you have to go to a specialty store to get it.


Had a lot of calls over the last few days.

I've written it many times before, but, again --

Agendas are incredibly powerful. You'll get 300%+ more done. You shouldn't go into a call or meeting without at least a prospective agenda.

The two minutes it takes to create an agenda will double or triple the productivity of a 30-minute call. Always make agendas.

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