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Oh, there's plenty of time for the stuff that matters

In response to, "Things are on fire? Hmm. Well, then," one of the guys I work with emailed me and offered to take things off my plate for me and pick up the slack.

I really appreciated it. He's a fantastic dude. But I wanted to explain that no, it's cool, the stuff I'm cutting is what's worth cutting, and what's left I have plenty of time for. Here's my reply to him -


Graciously appreciated and you're welcome to contribute, but I consider this project the "fueling up the airplanes" and "recruiting a corps of engineers" time - it's where I want to be spending time.

I've blown off a lot of bullshit. The hot water is off in my building, I haven't showered for a couple days, and it's gross. Oh well, I'll cold shower in a moment (I just exercised). My email hasn't been answered. Little bullshit isn't getting done...

Ten Bulls

It's worth reading, and especially looking at the illustrations on the right-hand side of the page --


Interesting on Buddhist grounds, but also widely applicable to lots of things.

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