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Mastery: The fast horse doesn't need the whip, thus doesn't learn to the deepest level

I'm reading "Mastery" by George Leonard.

The book is odd. It's excellent in some ways, it's an exceptionally grounded and pragmatic book. I recommend it.

But, it's a bit of a downer. For instance, I just read Donald Trump's "Think Big and Kick Ass", and after reading it, you feel ready to go climb a mountain, kill a lion with your bare hands, lay waste to an enemy army, and otherwise build an empire.

Mastery isn't like that. Mastery is someone reminding you that success doesn't come easy, that it's a long hard slog through lots of plateaus, and that you should enjoy the process because that's the only way you'll get through it.

In a way, it's an uplifting message if you can really internalize it. It'll help give you strength during the plateaus. It immediately answered some questions I've had recently. Recently I wrote in "A Strange Pattern I’ve Noticed in Productivity" -

Best Blogs for Writers - ep. 1

On The Clumsy Oyster

When I first discovered Leo Babauta's website and blog Zen Habits my heart soared. What he brings to his writing is nothing short of extraordinary. I am a big fan of this man, his mind, and of how he allowed his daily writing practice to change his life. An Awesome Example: Why You Should Write Daily The above post was so inspiring to me, that it's been open on my browser since it came out nine days ago. This happens often. I've been reading Zen Habits for a few years now, and Leo Babauta never disappoints. In the true spirit of Zen, all of his writings are simple, straightforward, concise and easy to read. His messages pack a punch. I believe that every aspiring and practicing writer can learn something of value from him. Here are some of his other writing-related posts: What I've Learned as a Writer Your Emails Are Too Long The 7-Step Method to Find Focus for Writing The 7-Step Write a Book Fast Program ~ Dates for upcoming Best Blogs for Writers episodes: Wednesday March 19 Wednesday March 26 Stay Tuned :)

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