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Comment - An Anti-Biography

I love the quality of commenting and discussion on this site - with how bad comments are on most of the internet, I've been really blown away with the amounts of wisdom and smart things we've gotten in the comments.

I try to take sharp and thought-provoking comments and make them into their own top level post, so they get full exposure. I try to do especially do this for comments on older entries that otherwise wouldn't be seen.

Now, it's really exciting when comments on comments are generating good discussion. This is what I've been looking for - a place where smart, ambitious, expansive, cool, good people communicate and talk and work on things.

Anyways, a while back Stefanie left a comment that became the entry "Life Manifest."

Roy just replied to her work with an exercise that I think worthy of some consideration -

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A man being sometimes more generous when he has but a little money than when he has plenty, perhaps thro' fear of being thought to have but little. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

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