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Convergences of Bad Events

A lot of people, maybe most people, try to make a big self-improvement push in their lives sooner or later.

They start eating better, or change how they spend and invest money, or whatever.

It keeps going for a while. There's progress. There's success. And then, the person falls off a cliff.


I'm now thinking it usually happens due to a convergence of bad events. That would be when a lot of little things hit you all at once, or a big thing hits when you're not in the best place to absorb the blow.

First Post

On Look! A Penny!

Like any respectable procrastinator, I spent more time than I would care to admit on deciding the name of the blog. And like any respectable non-creative person (see, couldn't even find a good word for it), I ended up on the name after I heard a friend of mine exclaim it....rather a local colloquial version of it (the 'it' being "Look! A Penny!") .

Now, the reason why I felt the " Look! A penny!" would be an apt name for the blog because it kind of signifies the excitement, happiness, satisfaction one could get after discovering something even as small as a penny. Considering the fact that I plan to fill this up with all the "useless and inane" rants and information I would stumble upon, this felt to be a fitting title. Of course it assumes that the reader would feel the aforementioned happiness on seeing such content. But luckily there is another (negative) interpretation of the penny finding paradigm which is clear in the phrase "Lost a shilling and found a penny". Basically, in our context 'lost a shilling= wasting a butt load of time' and 'found a penny=found this horrible blog'.

Now lets start with the promised drawl. Firstly, in today's world,what can we do with a penny? Thanks to the inter-webs, there were a decent number of answers.

To be frank, I was first looking for answers which had more to do with the sale price of products less than or equal to 1 penny. Not many interesting results were found in that. Not for the present time period at least. However, I stumbled upon one fun article in this cracked.com link.The paparazzi shades in the 6th spot. Not that I am hounded by photographers and they make my life a living hell, but its just one of those novelty items which I feel would be fun to have. At least it would be fun to photo-bomb with it. However getting back to the point, not many things which can be bought just with one penny. But then this link lists 83 different things which you can do with a penny. Many of them are pretty symbolic (ex: #35-Place one on your loved one’s grave to let them know you have been there and think of them) and some of them are DIY activities (ex: #28-Nail through one when you need to spread the holding force of the nail head over a greater area). But the important point is, they all are things which you do other than the primary intended use of a penny (buying stuff that is).

This reminded me of a speech by education reformist Sir Ken Robinson. There is a good RSA animate video of the speech which made it pretty viral. The video can be found here and the transcript for the same can be found here. The part where he talks about how they measure how good a person is in terms of divergent thinking struck me as a relevant part in here. Can we think of ways to use a penny other than the ways we have been taught to use it all our life. Especially when its original intended use is not very relevant. In such a scenario, are even the quotes related to it relevant?

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