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Convergences of Bad Events

A lot of people, maybe most people, try to make a big self-improvement push in their lives sooner or later.

They start eating better, or change how they spend and invest money, or whatever.

It keeps going for a while. There's progress. There's success. And then, the person falls off a cliff.


I'm now thinking it usually happens due to a convergence of bad events. That would be when a lot of little things hit you all at once, or a big thing hits when you're not in the best place to absorb the blow.

"7 Must-Do Guidelines To Build Products That People Actually Want"

This piece tells you Zac Cohn's story and awakening from being shy, to becoming a cutting edge athlete in parkour, to learning how to actually make sure you're building things that people actually want with your business time.

Zac is doing a GiveGetWin deal that has a mix of a group class and personal attention: Personal Training In How To Build Products That People Actually Want. It'll be an outstanding and insightful experience.

"7 Must-Do Guidelines To Build Products That People Actually Want"by Zac Cohn, as told to Sebastian Marshall

I was a pretty shy person when I was younger, but it started to change when I went with my dad on a business trip he was taking to San Francisco.

We went to a technology talk show called "The Screen Savers." We were talking to the handler -- the person who makes sure the live audience behaves.

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